Commercial Roofing vs Residential Roofing

Whilst the basic rules and aims of roofing are universal there are a few variations depending on the type of roof you are looking to invest in. After all, a residential roof is meant to protect a home from the wrath of the weather whereas a commercial roof is marketed towards businesses that operate in and out of warehouses. Here are a few differences between the two… Materials Many residential roofs tend to have slopes on either side which means that they are best suited for materials like shingles, slate and clay as they are affordable and come with a low maintenance guarantee whilst providing the best protection for your home. On the other hand, commercial roofs are often flat and level, which means that they work well with industrial materials like metal in order to cover and protect the entire surface area. Weather The style of residential roofs are an advantage as the slopes are incredibly beneficial when it comes to the weather. This is because heavy rainfall will simply run right off and into the gutters, provided that they are kept in good condition. Since commercial roofs have a flat design this means that they could be at risk of issues like pooling, where rainfall has no escape so it just sits on top of the material. With this said, commercial roofs are often stronger than residential ones and can withstand high winds without much sign of wear and tear. Maintenance Commercial roofing is installed on large buildings like warehouses and factories which can make maintenance and repairs much more difficult in comparison to residential roofing, where the problems can be very easily rectified due to the smaller size of the roof in [...]