Potential Problems With Metal Roofing

Although it comes with its downfalls, a metal roof is not only considered an extremely durable choice of material, it is thought to be one of the most eco-friendly options available on the market. With this said, metal roofing require little maintenance however some people mistake this for no maintenance and a roof that is neglected often presents with a range of different issues. Here are some of the potential problems that a metal roof can develop… Leaks Whilst a leaky roof is not an issue that only occurs with metal roofing, it is a much more common problem in comparison to alternative roofing materials like shingles. This is because it is largely down to poor quality installation where gaps have been left in between and therefore allowed rainwater to get into a property. Minor leaks can be fixed easily however if they are not dealt with promptly a minor leak can quickly become a large one. Punctures Metal roofing is not invincible so if it is not taken care of properly it can lead to range of different issues that could have been avoided with simple and regular maintenance. Take puncture holes for example; low quality metal, harsh weather conditions and even general wear and tear can lead to holes forming in a metal roof and this paves the perfect entrance for anything from water to animals. Ponding Many warehouses and factories are equipped with a flat roof which means that ponding is always going to be a potential issue, especially during heavy rainfall or snowfall. Ponding occurs when water has no way to run off a roof so it settles in a pool or pond on top. Not only can this weaken the [...]

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What is the Purpose of Roofing Felt?

Whilst our roofing expertise is mainly industrial, the Valent team recognise that all properties must have a roof in order to be deemed habitable which is why we like to lend our expertise to the homeowning and property side of things. Roofing felt is something that is implemented into every roof design and serves a very important purpose. Read on to find out why this simple material is so important… What is it? When a roof is constructed it is made up of many different layers however many of us are vastly unaware of this. For instance, you have the strong wooden beams that serve as the structure and building block of a roof (which is often replaced with metal in industrial warehouses), insulation in order to keep the property warm, followed by the felting material and finally your chosen roof type is laid on the very top. Why is it needed? Having an extra layer on your roof means that it is protected from the elements in a much more efficient manner. In fact, roofing felt is known to repel water which means that your home becomes incredibly leak proof, preventing moisture-related damage like rot and mould from occurring as a result. In addition to this, it has been proven that roofing felt can actually prolong the life of your roof and help it endure the brutality of mother nature. After all, the weather in the UK is hardly predictable so it always best to employ another level of protection. In the event of a particularly bad storm that pulls away your roofing shingles, you can be certain that your roofing felt will provide a short term back up until you can get the [...]

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Lets Talk About EPDM Roofs

Here at Valent Roofing we like to keep on top of the latest trends as much as possible in order to ensure that we can help our readers and clients with any questions they may have. In fact, one of the most innovative methods of roofing coming into light is the act of using EPDM rubber. Whilst this sounds like an obscure material choice, this synthetic rubber can actually provide a wide range of benefits. Read on to find out more information about Ethylene Propylene Diene Rubber… What is an EPDM? EPDM is an rubbery material that is made up of chain like molecules known as polymers. Interestingly, the ‘elastic polymer’ gets its name from the ability return to their original shape after being stretched and manipulated beyond fathomable limitations. Creating a roof from EPDM has been shown to provide a range of long term and economical benefits that can’t be found with other elastomers. Benefits EPDM can have a long lifespan when it is correctly taken care off in comparison to other materials and membranes which can make it an extremely cost effective choice. Of course, the start up fee with this type of roof is more expensive than a typical singles roof but the longevity is more than worth it.   An EPDM roof is extremely weather resistant and can withstand extreme temperatures between -150 and -50 degrees Celsius with ease. In fact, wind and rainwater has little or no impact on the material too and the EPDM can even act as an insulator in order to keep winters warm and summers cool.   Since this type of material can be reused and has a long lifespan, many people view it as an [...]

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Pitched Roof vs Flat Roof

Since many homes are built with a pitched roof, the vast majority of people do not know that there are actually a range of different types of roof on the market. In fact, if you ever consider having a conversion then you will be shocked to find how varied the industry actually is. In order to keep it simple, the team here at Valent Roofing have decided to look into the difference between pitched roofs and flat roofs… Pitched Roof As the most common type of roof around, a pitched roof has two slopes on either side that are steep or gradual which rise to a peak in the centre. This is a great way to gain extra storage space in a house as the loft area is often too small to house a bedroom. This is particularly advantageous in comparison to a flat roof as the extra space can be crucial, especially in a small property. In addition to this, pitched roofs have a considerably promising lifespan when they are correctly installed and the shape of their design means that rainwater will run off, preventing things like pooling from occurring. With this said, a pitched roof is an expensive investment, especially if you are looking to convert from an original flat roof. Flat On the other hand, the flat roof is a more modern design that is only just coming into it’s own. In fact, the design has only increased in popularity over the past decade when it comes to domestic designs even though many warehouses and factories have been adopting it for years. With this said, there are still some setbacks to the design. After all, a flat roof does not allow rainwater [...]

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Metal Roofing Ventilation

Year by year metal roofing increases in population however bad installation is giving the material a bad name. After all, the rules of ventilation remain the same regardless of the material type and metal roofing is no different. In fact, if ventilation is not prioritised with metal roofing it can lead to some dreadful and costly consequences. Here is everything you need to know on the topic… The Scientific Basics Roofs are ventilated based on the fact that hot air will rise. This is simple scientific fact that many people know so it is odd to find that bad roofers will construct a metal roof that completely disregards it. Since hot air will rise it is important that nothing blocks it and prevent it from escaping as this can cause humidity to build up and cause warping. By providing vents for the air to exit through, a continuous and natural draft is created. Intake Vents Usually intake vents will be installed beneath the eaves of a roof because it is the lowest spot in the entire roof. In fact, this old-fashioned method has been used for quite a long time and involved cutting holes in the soffit boards and replacing g it with vent panels. Larger roofs will require more of these vents as the number is dictates with regards to the surface area of the entire roof. Gable Vents This type of vent is often triangular or round and placed at the intersections between roof pitches however since people opt for metal roofing in order to preventing leaks, the idea of cutting a hole in the roof to make room for this type of vent is often met with dismay. With this said, a [...]

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Things That Could Affect Metal Roofing

Here at Valent Roofing we are the experts when it comes to the most important aspect of a building – the roof – and that is why we want to make sure that every single homeowner, warehouse operator and property purchaser is able to take good care of their own. When it comes to metal roofing however many are hesitant to make the change and wonder whether they may run into any problems in the future. In order to ease any worries, the team here at Valent Roofing have decided to go over some of the things that could potentially affect your metal roofing and how you can prevent them… Oil Canning This is a type of issue that very few people know about and it is defined as a ‘visible waviness in the flat areas of a metal roof’. With this said it is quite a common occurrence in a lot of installations and there are a range of different reasons why it happens. From a lack of space being allowed to account for thermal expansion to a change in structure causing tension on the panels; oil canning can cause havoc for many people. In order to prevent this issue, you should make sure that your chosen roofers understand how to prevent it from occurring during installation. Leaks Whilst a leaky roof is not a unique problem that only affects metal roofing, it can be a seriously problematic issue if one isn’t installed correctly. In addition to this, a leaky metal roof can also be caused by heavy snowfall, ice damming (which is the fancy word used to describe the repetitive cycle of freezing and thawing during winter), wind, structural damage and general wear [...]

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New Year Roofing Tips

The new year means new opportunities which is why a lot of people create a New Year’s resolution in order to help them stay on track and achieve everything that they would like to over the next 365 days. With this said, it can often cause us to put important odd jobs that need doing to the back of our mind and when this comes down to things like our roof, it can have disastrous consequences. Here are a few roofing top tips for the new year….   Gutters It is very important to ensure that your gutter is clean and cleared as a blockage will cause any excess rainwater to sit on top of your roof and this can result in the material weakening. After all, the last thing you want to deal with is a complete collapse of your roof down to irregular gutter maintenance and cleaning when it can be very easily avoided.   Pressure Washing Having a clean roof is not always the first thing on most people’s mind however for some it is a necessity. With this said, you should never pressure wash your roof as it can cause the decay process to kick in, loosen the material and remove its protective surface layer and a weak roof is not going to protect your home or business building very well.   Maintenance  Every so often throughout the year you will notice that your roof requires the odd job or professional assistance. Whilst it may not look like a big deal, it can be very important that you completely fix them sooner rather than later. This is because little problems can very easily become a big problem if you choose to [...]

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The Signs of a Leaky Roof

The roof is without a doubt the most important part of an entire building. After all, it helps protect against the wrath of the weather and allows whatever is happening inside to take place without any issue. With this said, it is possible for a roof to suffer damage over time and as the owner it is your responsibility to recognise the signs of dangerous problems. Read on to find out how you can spot a leaky roof… Water Stains If you notice that there is a water stain on the wall, floor or ceiling it means that there is likely a hole in the roof itself that is allowing water to gain entrance to your property. As soon as you spot this sign, time is of the essence and it is important that you get the professions in as quickly as possible. This is because a leak can cause serious damage if it is not fixed and the longer that it is allowed to continue the more it will cost to rectify. Growth on the Walls If the outside of your home is starting to grow moss it can mean that the sun exposure in your area isn’t the best however it can also be a sign that there is excess moisture inside your home. Just to be on the safe side it is always recommended that you look into the cause if you discover that there is moss growth on the exterior of your home as spotting a leak sooner than later is always best. Clogged Gutters Whilst debris clogging up your gutter is usually an issue that can be fixed quite easily, it can lead to a pretty serious leak if the [...]

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Making Your Roof Energy Efficient

Far too many people turn a blind eye to the damage that is inflicted upon the environment due to human activity. Not only are we on a journey towards making our planet inhabitable in the future; we are destroying wildlife, preventing new growth and literally sucking the life out of the earth. Luckily, there is still time to make a change and energy efficient roofing could be a positive step in the right direction. Read on to find out a few ways you can alter your roofing decisions in order to help the environment rather than destroy it… Colours The colour of your roof can play a big role in the amount of energy that you use and in order to ensure that this power consumption is environmentally friendly it is wise to make a few changes here and there. For example, in a colder climate it is wise to opt for a dark roof colour as this this absorbs as much heat as possible, keeping the home warmer and therefore requiring less energy and electricity. Insulation A good contractor will be able to provide high quality insulation when you require a brand new roof. After all, your roof is the first layer of defence against the external elements and a lack of insulation makes you vulnerable to the wrath of mother nature in all kinds of different ways. Insulation also works to regulate the temperature of the home so that you can use just the right amount of power and avoid pumping unnecessary gases into the atmosphere. Sustainability An energy efficient roof is also about the construction and the choice of materials that are used. After all, some materials are able to conserve more [...]

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Protecting Your Roof Against the Wind

Mother Nature can be brutal and it is usually our manmade structures that suffer at her hands, with houses facing the most damage. From heavy rainfall and the weight of snow to inhumanely strong winds it is safe to say that our homes don’t stand much of a chance against her! In order to try and fight the battle however there are a few preventative methods that can be put in place in order to protect your roof during dangerous weather. Read on to find out more… Inspect If there are any weak spots in your roof the wind will take advantage of it so it is important to inspect your material to ensure that it is firmly in place. Whilst strong wind can still cause damage, inspecting damaged areas in advance of the weather gives you chance to try and fix it and therefore reduce the severity of the damage. Gutters Strong winds can cause a lot of damage to different aspect of the roof and many people often forget about their gutters. In fact, wind can cause your gutter to completely tear away from the roof which is why you should take special measures in order to ensure that they are firmly in place before a storm arrives. Trees During strong winds the risk of a tree failing increases greatly which is why you should ensure that any trees in danger of falling on your roof are taken into consideration. If the forecast is particularly worrying you may have to call in an expert to remove the tree! After all, a tree that falls on your roof can do more than remove a few tiles. Here at Valent Roofing we know how expensive [...]

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