Preparing Your Roof For Winter

A roof can only last a lifetime if it is well taken care of. After all, maintenance is very important when you have to make slight alterations as the seasons change. With winter in full swing, it is very likely that a blanket of snow will make an appearance when we least expect it. Here at Valent Roofing, we want all of our clients to have a stress-free winter, which is why we have decided to go over everything you need to know about preparing your roof for the brutality of the cold season… Inspect Any experienced homeowner knows that roofing inspections are important in order to catch any problems before they develop into a costly patch of damage. Due to this, we recommend that you have your roof inspected by a professional just as the temperatures start to fall for winter; this way you can carry out any necessary repairs before they are covered with snow. Repair As a roof ages, it becomes weaker and this means that it cannot withstand as much damage as it once could. As a general rule you should make repairs on your roof sooner rather than later as this way the work will be easier, quicker and cheaper to carry out. Plus, making repairs on your roof prior to the winter season will make it stronger and more prepared for any cold snaps. Clean Your roof is your properties first line of defence against Mother Nature, so it should be cleaned on a regular basis in order to remove excess debris and any drain obstructions. After all, a blocked gutter will start to accumulate water that will freeze and expand in winter temperatures, placing unnecessary stress on your [...]

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Interesting Facts About Slate You Never Knew

As the most common roofing material on the market, slate was first formed 500 million years ago as deep-water mudstones that were uplifted and folded in order to form the rock we know and recognise today. Here at Valent Roofing, our expertise may lie within the industrial roofing industry, however we also know a lot about residential roofing too. After all, it is important that we are able to help our clients when and wherever possible. Read on as we go through five interesting facts about slate you probably never knew… It Is Weather Resistant Slate is the most popular roofing material due its ability to withstand even the most brutal weather conditions. In fact, it is widely renowned for its durability against freezing air and lack of absorption qualities when it comes to water. This makes it the perfect roofing material for properties in unpredictable or wet climates. Slate Is A Metamorphic Rock Created during a process known as metamorphism, slate is known as a metamorphic rock. This means that it changed in form during its development. In fact, all slate starts as a protolith rock, like mudstone or shale, and is subjected to mild heat and pressure in order to cause profound chemical and physical changes to take place. Subsequently, this creates slate. It Comes In A Variety Of Colours Whilst the majority of slate is grey and can be found in range of different grey shades, it is also possible to find slate in green, red, black, purple and brown colours too. In fact, the colour is determined and influenced by the levels of iron and organic matter that can be found in the composition of the rock. Children In The 19th [...]

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5 Reasons to Install a Metal Roof

It may have been around since the 3rd century B.C, with copper at the forefront, but it is safe to say that metal roofing isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. After all, it is one of the most popular roofing materials on the market! Here at Valent Roofing, we are the industrial experts you want on your side when it comes to metal roofing. Read on as we go through five reasons why you should consider installing a metal roof… Long Lifespan If you are looking to make an investment for the future, then a metal roof can last a lifetime. In fact, one that is well installed and regularly serviced can last between 50 and 100 years! Plus, a metal roof doesn’t require much maintenance which makes it the most hassle-free roofing material on the market. Weather Resistant Your roof is the backbone of your property which means that it will be subjected to a lot over its lifetime. As a result, it is important that the material you choose will be able to withstand the brutality of mother nature. Luckily, metal roofing is practically weather resistant; it has a high resilience to water and snowfall, is rarely affected by hot summer temperatures and can even endure a beating from strong winds and hail. What more could you ask for? Energy Efficiency Sometimes people choose a metal roofing for its efficiency properties. After all, it can be very easily adapted in order to maintain a consistent internal temperature. For example, some property owners will paint their metal roofing so that it will reflect the sun’s rays, keeping the property energy efficient for up to 25 years before it requires re-painting! Eco-Friendly Metal roofing is crafted [...]

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The Difference Between Industrial and Residential Roofing

To the untrained eye, a roof is just a roof. As long it is well cared for then there isn’t any point differentiating one from another, right? Wrong! Here at Valent Roofing, we want to educate our readers so that they are aware of the key differences between the two leading roof types in the roofing industry so that they can apply the information to their maintenance responsibilities where and when appropriate. Read on to find out more information… Materials When a roof is constructed, the materials are chosen in advance depending on the climate, budget and roof type. After all, residential and commercial roofs have different requirements that determine the materials that are most suitable. For example, wood, slate, plastic, shingles and ceramic tiles are common residential roofing materials whereas industrial roofing tend to opt for EPDM rubber, asphalt rolls and metal sheets made from copper, aluminium, tin or stainless steel. Design A residential roof differs in design when compared to an industrial roof. For example, the latter tends to be entirely flat and much larger which means that it is important to choose a material suited to this design. On the other hand, residential roofs are pitched which means that they have a steep slope that meets in the middle, making them easier to maintain, repair and replace. Specialities As well as being easy to maintain, a residential roof is almost fairly simple to install for an experienced roofer. After all, the only obstacle is the chimney. Contrastingly, constructing an industrial roof is considered a skilled speciality due to the technicalities that have to be taken into consideration. After all, the contactor should be familiar with how air flow systems, external piping and [...]

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Why Roof Ventilation is Important

There is more to roofing than attaching materials to wooden beams. In fact, there are other important aspects to take into consideration like insulation, guttering and ventilation. The majority of residential and industrial properties are ventilated as is important in order to ensure that your roof is able to meet its longevity guarantee, however the quality of this ventilation is often poor. Read on as we go through why ventilating your roof is so important… What is it? Ventilation is the supply of fresh air through the room of a property. Most rooms in a residential home or industrial building are well ventilated however attics tend to be neglected. After all, they are closed away out of sight and out of mind. Luckily, it is possible to ventilate your attic/roof by ensuring that outside air is allowed to pass through, removing excess heat and moisture at the same time. Lack of Ventilation The majority of roofs are poorly ventilated or have no ventilation system in place at all which can be incredibly counterproductive. After all, there are many problems that can arise due to a lack of ventilation. For example, the process helps remove excess heat so if there is no fresh air moving through, the entire property can start to overheat which can lead to the development of mould. In fact, this heat transfer can actually damage your roofing materials and cause wood beams to warp out of shape. Another major issue that can arise from ventilation neglect is moisture damage as steam rising from things like pots, pans and showers can condense in the attics where it destroys your insulation and makes you even more vulnerable to mildew. Here at Valent Roofing we [...]

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Things to Know Before a Roof Replacement

A full roof replacement is not a decision that you should jump into blindly. After all, it is a time-consuming commitment and it is important that you recognise the importance of the investment that you are about to undertake. Here at Valent Roofing, we like to work closely with our clients that are considering a replacement in order to ensure that they are completely prepared. In fact, we have put together a brief article on some of the most important things you should know before work begins… Contractor Research Before you part with your hard-earned cash it is highly advised that you do some preparation. After all, the roofing industry is filled with cowboy builders and conmen looking to make quick money. Unfortunately, these people will not hesitate to dupe trusting property owners, so you should always carry out research to validate the accountability of a company. Layering or Stripping Shingles With a shingles roof, there are two options in terms of a replacement. For example, you can have a new layer placed on top of the existing layer or you can have the existing layer stripped away and the new layer installed in its place. Whilst layering your shingles can be a great way to save money in terms of installation costs, it can only be carried out once. With this said, you should always be given the option during your roofing replacement. Time Frame A roof replacement is not a simple task which means that you should be prepared for contractors to be on your property for one to three days. In fact, the estimated time frame for a roof replacement depends on several factors such as the size of the roof, the [...]

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Specialist Jargon Used in the Roofing Industry

Your roof is the most important aspect of your property, so it is important to keep it in good condition. With this said, it is not uncommon for contractors to get carried away with the jargon they use, unintentionally alienating their clients. That is why the team here at Valent Roofing have put together some of the most common terms that are used within the roofing industry. Read on to find out everything you need to know… Flashing: As the most common specialist term in roofing, flashing is a type of protection that covers joints and edges in order to prevent leaks. It can be made from a wide range of materials including copper, lead, aluminium, stainless steel and rubber. Green Roof: Generically, a green roof is a type of flat roof where the extra space is being repurposed and used to grow organic material like plants, crops and flowers. It can be a great way to improve the aesthetics in overly urban areas. Fascia: In roofing, a single strip of wood known as fascia is used in order to separate the roof from the wall. In fact, this panel is what the gutters are usually attached too. Interestingly, many roofers are choosing to swap out wooden fascia in favour of uPVC fascia due to its superior quality. Parapet: Used for safety reasons, a parapet is a low wall that is installed along the edges of a roof. It is typically used in flat roofing designs in order to prevent people falling. They are often very low and tend to have a railing installed on top of them too if the roof is open for public use. Dormer Roof: Since mortgages have become much more [...]

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Choosing a Roofing Contractor

The roof is the bread and butter of your property which is why it is important to keep it in good condition. After all, it only takes a tiny hole to allow rainwater to seep through your roof and even a first time property owner knows that moisture damage is the worst possible discovery to make. Here at Valent Roofing, we want to ensure that that our readers have all the facts they need in order to choose a roofing contractor that will deliver results. Read on to find out more… Ask Questions When you are looking for a contractor to complete work for you, it is important that you feel comfortable enough to ask questions. After all, you are the employer and will be paying for the services that you receive. For example, it way may wise to ask whether the company uses subcontractors, which are often paid per job which can result in rushed work, and whether or not the price beats roofing competitors in the area. Request References A licenced and professional roofing business will not hesitant to provide potential customers with references from previous clients. After all, references are an excellent way to gain an insight into the quality of work that the contractors are able to produce from an unbiased source. In fact, we tend to look at reviews before we purchase items from a store so a reference is the roofing contactor equivalent. Qualifications Not all roofers have been trained in the industry which means that they may not be equipped to deal with some of the delicate issues. After all, the roof is an important part of a property that must be well taken care of and this [...]

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Famous Roofs Across the Globe

We have been placing roofs on the top of buildings since the beginning of time. After all, scouring for shelter from the elements is all part of human survival and some of the most intricate designs in the history of roofing were crafted hundreds of years ago, cementing their place as the most famous roofs across the globe. Read on to find out more about the roofs that managed to make our top three… The Sydney Opera House, Sydney, Australia Adorned with unique curved panels, the Sydney Opera House has got to be one the most famous designs in the history of architecture. After all, it took 14 years to build and cost over 100 million Australian dollars. Interestingly, the panels are formed from concrete and covered with tiles from Sweden, which give it the distinct glossy appearance it is known for. St Stephen’s Cathedral, Vienna, Austria Tourists are often shocked to discover the statistics behind St Stephens Cathedral in Austria. After all, it is made up of at least 230,000 multicoloured tiles and uses 600 metric tons of steel in order to support it. The famous spectacle was completed a very long time ago in 1160 and is a must-see symbol of the city for any visitor in Vienna. Domed Blue Roofs, Santorini, Greece Providing both aesthetic and practical value, the domed blue roofs that can be found in Greece are a wonder to behold. In fact, they have reflective abilities which serve to keep people inside cool in the hot climate. Plus, the dome shop is also effective at allowing rainwater to roll off and be caught so that it can be repurposed during the Grecian summer. Whilst our industrial roofing here at [...]

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The Benefits of Shingles Roofing

If you are thinking about investing in your property, it is important that the roof is taken into consideration. After all, the majority of property owners tend to focus on the aesthetic features rather than the practical features, which means that the kitchen ends up getting revamped whilst the roof slowly falls apart above. Residential properties tend to benefit from long-life materials like shingles and, in this article, we are going to go over a few benefits of shingles roofing… Affordable A roof made from shingles is incredibly popular due to its affordability factor. After all, it offers much more value for your money in comparison to other roofing materials on the market and is also one of the cheapest materials to choose from. This means that taking care of your roof doesn’t have to require a loan from the bank or a declaration of bankruptcy! Durable A well-installed shingles roof can last for at least 30 years, which means that it is ideal for property owners looking to make an investment in their roofing. This lifespan is the result of the light weight of the shingles, their resistance to fire and their ability to withstand the brutality of weather conditions like strong wind- which is often to blame for the deterioration of residential roofing. Sustainable Shingles are an eco-friendly material which can actually be recycled and repurposed when they reach the end of their lifespan. Ultimately, this makes them a very sustainable choice for roofing as the environment is able to benefit from this type of residential roofing rather than be damaged by it. There are so many different types of roofing materials available on the market that the team here at Valent Roofing [...]

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