Here at Valent Roofing, we believe that roofing safety is an important maintenance responsibility that property owners should take into consideration, however it is often forgotten about in favour of affordability and longevity. Since the roof is the backbone of any property, it is important that it is crafted with fireproof materials in mind in order to try and contain the flames in the event of a fire. Read on to find out more…

Class Ratings

There are certain locations in a city where a property is considered to be more at risk of fire related damage and subsequently, certain building codes require the compulsory use of fireproof materials. In fact, there are so many different materials on the market that they have been categorized based on the speed that a fire would spread when coming into contract with them. For instance, class A materials like clay tiles, metal sheets and fibreglass asphalt shingles have the highest resistance and can endure substantial damage; class B materials can withstand moderate exposure to an active fire but are often treated to make them more fire retardant; and class C materials like regular shingles, felt, and thatching offer a very little amount of fire protection and put a roof at serious risk of collapse.

Remove Vegetation

Although a class A roofing material is an essential step towards fireproofing a roof, it is important that homeowners look at the surroundings of their property too. After all, dry vegetation can fuel a fire and actually allow it to spread to a building, putting the roof at more risk than it otherwise would be if a fire started inside. As a result, cutting down or felling trees that overhang will ensure that a property is protected from fire related damage all year round.

Repair Cracks

Fire is fuelled by a constant supply of oxygen which is why we are told not to open doors with an active fire behind them. With this said, any cracks in a roof may provide a fire with additional air that will continue to fuel it. By carrying out regular inspections and prompt repairs, homeowners can ensure that their roof is both fireproof and well-maintained.

A fire is difficult to contain once it manages to engulf an entire property, and a poorly crafted roof made from flammable materials can actually collapse in on itself if the correct safety precautions are not taken during the design phase of the roofing process. For all your industrial roofing needs, contact Valent Roofing today!